Throughout the season, Ipswich won 28 of their 46 league games while losing only six

After defeating Huddersfield, who had been relegated, at an exhilarating Portman Road, Ipswich Town stormed back into the Premier League for the first time since 2002.

Wes Burns, a midfielder for Wales, gave them the lead at halftime. Omari Hutchinson doubled the advantage early in the second half with a drive from the edge of the box.

Kieran McKenna’s team was intent on securing promotion with only one early point, and most of the game was one-way traffic towards the Huddersfield goal.

The Terriers, who were just promoted to the Premier League in 2019, will experience their first League One relegation in twelve years, according to the outcome.

Ipswich becomes the first team since Southampton in 2011–12 to go from third to first in back-to-back seasons as they end the season with 96 points, only one less than champions Leicester.

McKenna is just the fifth manager from Ipswich to earn promotion. The other four were George Burley in 2000 (who won through the play-offs), John Lyall in 1992, Alf Ramsey, subsequently known as Sir Alf, in 1961, and Bill McGarry in 1968.

British heavyweight champion Fabio Wardley (left) was there when Kieran McKenna celebrated his team’s victory with the Ipswich fans.

When the final whistle broke, hundreds of fans stormed the stadium, greeting the team bus from Ipswich with yells and banners, blue poles, and wreaths in both hands.

Head coach Andre Breitenreiter gave goalkeeper Chris Maxwell his first start for the Huddersfield since Boxing Day, and McKenna made three changes to the initial squad from the team that began the midweek triumph at Coventry, including the return of joint striker Conor Chaplin.

In contrast to promotion competitors who received Premier League parachute money, the Irishman is promoting his club for a few million pounds, as evidenced by the fact that eight members of the Ipswich squad began the side’s 6-0 triumph over Exeter, who earned promotion the previous season.

While Town faced teams like Forest Green, Accrington, and Fleetwood in the previous season, the knowledge that they would be taking on Manchester City, Arsenal, and Liverpool in the upcoming campaign guaranteed a high level of anticipation from the outset.

Ipswich, sporting clothes sponsored by Ed Sheeran (despite the singer’s absence from the Florida Grand Prix), made an early threat and Maxwell had to move swiftly to block Hutchinson’s attempt to follow the ball up before Axel Tuanzebe turned a 20-yard effort and found the side goal.

from Chaplin backed the ball into the box from a corner, George Hirst had a chance to score with his header, but it went just inches wide. Huddersfield was guilty of giving the home team too much time and room to select a pass zaayo.

Ipswich had their greatest opportunity yet when Chaplin cut the Huddersfield defence with a pinpoint ball, but Burns broke the stalemate immediately after Hutchinson fouled Jack Rudoni. Burns was narrowly off goal.

Wes Burns ng’ajaguzza ggoolo ye mu maaso g’abawagizi ba Ipswich abasanyufu

Alex Matos substituted Rudoni after Breitenreiter took him off the pitch, but be Ipswich assault went on, and they believed they should have had a penalty when Chaplin seemed to be sent to the box by Matty Pearson.

After Huddersfield failed to generate a single convincing goal in the first half, Massimo Luongo was towering and Sam Morsy fingered Maxwell for a fierce 25-yard shot.

Shortly after the second period, Hutchinson launched a shot that Maxwell got a touch on yet was unable to keep in the net, demonstrating their defense’s ineptitude.

Leif Davis rose high enough to half-volley from Hutchinson’s cross, and Luongo pushed Maxwell to save with a curling shot in the top corner, but after that, it was all damage prevention for the Terriers.

Following a feed from Tom Iorpenda, Josh Koroma was sluggish to bring Ipswich keeper Vaclav Hladky into play. He narrowly missed the crossbar with a side-footed shot as Huddersfield frantically tried to look for a way back.

When it came their turn, McKenna was able to send backup goalkeeper Christian Walton—who had lost his starting position due to an injury sustained previous summer—into the 16–16 zone, despite Jeremy Sarmiento’s recent attempt to score from Kayden Jackson’s cutback being saved. Happiness comes last.

The road to the Premier League

With 12 wins out of their first 16 games and just one loss (a 4-3 home loss to Leeds United, their lone trip to Portman Road in 2023–24), Ipswich got off to an incredible start to the season. They also set the pace with Leicester City.

They won four straight games after suffering a 2-0 setback at West Brom in November, but their best half of the season saw just one victory in nine games, which came against Leeds.

Due to Hirst’s injury, Kieffer Moore was brought in on loan and scored six goals in his first nine games back at the club after spending 2017–18 at Portman Road. Other notable goals came from Jeremy Sarmiento and Ali Al-Hamadi, who were both brought in during the January transfer window.

After a pair of victories over Lancashire and Bournemouth in February, they turned things around with a 4-0 victory over Millwall on February 14. As March rolled into April, they were once again at the top of the table.

Their form was examined after losing to Norwich in the East Anglian derby, then drawing three straight games, but beating Coventry brought them very close to the top division.

And although Ipswich would have advanced regardless of the outcome against Huddersfield due to Leeds’ home loss to Southampton, a truly outstanding performance simply served to round off a fantastic season for the Tractor Boys.

feedback mechanism after a game

Kieran McKenna, head coach of Ipswich:

“To get so far so quickly, working so hard, everyone together, it’s amazing what you can do.”

“These players are amazing.” They have been a true pleasure to work with in my first managerial position, and I will speak with them in the upcoming days.

What an adventure this has been. I doubt that things will ever be done the way we have.

“I know one could say that theoretically it’s been previously resolved yet “‘m not sure whether it was done this way at an athletic organisation like this.”

“We’re going to put in hard throughout the summertime and an incredible task lies ahead.”

Andre Breitenreiter, the Huddersfield manager, spoke on BBC Radio Leeds:

“We aimed to give the game everything we had. In the first half, we played effectively with the ball and displayed a cohesive team.”

“The second period we intended to play more direct, but you observed that they were superior in every ownership, they looked stronger and more confident.”

“I believe that the team’s attitude and enthusiasm were appropriate, and that reflects what we can anticipate from them moving ahead.

“We’ll talk, the owner visited the UK. I want to take stock of the past few weeks and determine whether or not I’m the best candidate for the project.”

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