The Israeli authorities declared Al Jazeera’s departure from the nation

The vote, said to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, was “singular.”

Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister of Israel. (Image courtesy of Pool/Abir Sultan via AP, File)

This past Sunday, the Israeli government declared that it had closed Al Jazeera’s local operations in Qatar. The declaration came at a time when peace negotiations with Hamas, mediated by Qatar, were heating up and further widened the long-running conflict between the station and Israel.

The president wrote in X, “My government has absolutely believed: the Al Jazeera provocation channel will be shut down in Israel.” Al Jazeera vehemently disputes encouraging anti-Israeli violence.

There was no quick reaction from the Doha, Qatar-based agency’s headquarters. The ban, according to a correspondent for Al Jazeera’s Arabic service, will have an impact on the station’s activities in Israel and East Jerusalem, where it has been airing live video from the terrorist attack by Hamas on October 7 that started the Gaza War for months.

June 13, 2017: The emblem of Al-Jazeera, a Qatar-based media outlet, is shown in one of its Jerusalem offices. ROREN Zvulun/File Photo for REUTERS

The reporter went on, “It wouldn’t affect journalists’ activities in the Palestinian territories.” The television station was forbidden from “having or using an office” in Israel, according to a second correspondent for the English-language programme. He also said that on Sunday afternoon, the websites of the network will be unavailable in Jerusalem but would be restricted.

According to Israeli media, the cabinet vote gave Israel permission to halt the broadcaster’s internal operations for a period of forty-five days, in compliance with the nation’s directive. According to Israeli Communication Minister Shlomo Karhi, “the network’s infrastructure will be seized,” in a video for X.

The choice intensified the long-running conflict between Al Jazeera and Israel. Additionally, it made threats to intensify relations with the company’s owner, Qatar, at a moment when the Doha government is actively involved in mediating a settlement to the Gaza conflict.

2019 saw the expulsion of Hamas terrorist leader Ismail Haniyeh from Gaza to Doha, Qatar (REUTERS/Ibraheem Abu Mustafa).

Israel and the media outlet have a tense history as Israel claims that the outlet publishes biassed stories.

During the conflict, Al Jazeera was one of the few foreign media sites that gained widespread popularity in Gaza. It published graphic footage of explosions and overrun hospitals while accusing Israel of carrying out atrocities in the area. Conversely, Israel charges the network of working with Hamas fighters.

Requests for response from Al Jazeera, which was established by the Qatari government, were not immediately answered.

The Arabic-language channel of the network regularly airs video commentary from Hamas and other armed organisations in the region, while the English-language station typically features content comparable to other majors. During the US occupation of Iraq after its 2003 war, which overthrew ruler Saddam Hussein, it was also sharply criticised by the US.

How Israel will carry out its decision remained unclear.

A bill permitting the temporary closure of foreign broadcasters in Israel that are deemed to pose a danger to national security was adopted by the Israeli Knesset last month.

A truce and agreement to free the hostages that might put an end to the Gaza war are being mediated by Qatar, home to a number of Hamas key figures.

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