Mexican officials report that bodies were discovered in Baja California while looking for missing tourists.

On Friday, authorities were working at the location where human remains were discovered close to La Bocana Beach in Ensenada, Mexico. Three remains have been discovered in a secluded region of Baja California, according to Mexican officials, the same place where the American buddy and the Australian brother pair vanished. (Getty Images / Guillermo Arias)

Three remains have been discovered in the same isolated region of Baja California, according to Mexican officials, where two Australian brothers and their American companion vanished during a surfing excursion last week.

The prosecutor’s office released a statement stating that the remains were discovered south of Enfield. Authorities discovered remains while looking for the missing males, according to the statement, which did not confirm the names.

According to the announcement, three people who had been questioned about the crime were taken into custody and accused of abduction.

A significant search including local officials, the FBI, and the Mexican Marine Corps was prompted by the abduction of Callum Robinson, 33, his brother Jake, 30, and his friend Carter Rhoad, 30.

The remains of the three foreigners are most likely theirs, according to a report published on Saturday afternoon by news website Milenio. The article cited state prosecutor general María Elena Andrade Ramírez of Baja California.

According to the agency, he informed Milenio that there was proof linking the murder to the theft of truck components.

The men were outdoor enthusiasts who travelled into Mexico last month from the United States to see the well-known surf locations in Baja California.

Pro lacrosse player Callum Robinson posted pictures from the vacation to social media, including him, his friend, and his brother, a doctor, sipping coffee on the beach, interacting with dogs on the street, and unwinding in a hot tub. Rhoad, an Atlanta native, founded an online apparel business in San Diego, based on her Facebook profile.

After spending several days camping on a beach well south of Ensenada, the group was scheduled to check into an Airbnb in Rosarito Beach last weekend, according to a social media post made by Debra Robinson, the mother of the Robinsons. However, on April 27, when family members last heard from the guys, they had never arrived.

The males had been camped close to Santo Tomás, which was searched by authorities. When they initially arrived, they found their tents and the burned-out body of the white Chevrolet truck that the guys were driving. The location of the bodies’ discovery was not disclosed by the authorities.

Fishermen and other visitors from north of the border have long been drawn to Baja California’s untamed shoreline. But some of Mexico’s worst rates of violence have plagued the state in recent years. Authorities counted 2,116 homicides in the state by 2023; many of them had anything to do with the drug trade.

The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, promised to lessen violence in the country. Nevertheless, even if the murder rate has somewhat decreased throughout his six-year administration, it is still very close to record highs.

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