In order to stop the crisis and rescue the prisoners, the White House is pushing for an agreement between Israel and Hamas on a ceasefire

Secret talks between officials of the terror organisation, Egypt, Qatar, and the United States are taking place in Cairo; the main barrier to any potential accord is how the fight ends.

After leaving the White House, Joe Biden takes a plane to Delaware to compete in an official tournament.

Negotiators from the US, Qatar, and Hamas met in Cairo yesterday to work towards a deal that would advance a crucial understanding for the Israeli government: a commitment to swap hostages at Hamas’ mercy in return for the end of the conflict within the next few months.

In addition to providing freedom to hundreds of Palestinians detained by Israel for acts of terrorism, this interim approach to negotiating a treaty would increase humanitarian aid and alleviate the shortage of food, water, and medicine that the civilian population of the Strip was experiencing. The treaty was held hostage when the war ended.

Vice President Joe Biden & his deputy secretary of State, Antony Blinken, applied pressure to Israel. While Blinken visited with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, his defence minister Yoav Gallant, and opposition leader Benny Gantz during his brief visit to Israel, Biden had a tense phone call with Netanyahu.

Biden informed the Israeli Prime Minister that his proposal to seize Rafah, which is south of Gaza, is improper, that a deal with Hamas is required to free the captives, that this entails an ongoing truce, and that negotiations with a murderous organisation supported by Iran are not possible.

During his stay in Jerusalem, Blinken encountered the same controversy. After hearing what the secretary of state had to say, Gallant and Gantz differed with Netanyahu and Biden on how to resolve the situation with Hamas. On October 7, 2023, the terrorist organisation massacred 1,400 Jews, and Netanyahu, Gallant, and Gantz do not plan to accept that they will live on in the Gaza Strip.

At a press conference in Tel Aviv, Israeli Defence Minister Yoav Gallant and Benjamin Netanyahu were present.

The leaders of Hamas were requested political refuge by the White House in 2012 from the Emirate of Qatar. And the terrorist group’s leadership transformed Doha into their safe haven, supporting Iran, from that point on.

“The Americas asked us. We didn’t enter into friendship with Hamas merely because we wanted to,” Majed Al-Ansari, a spokesperson for the Qatari foreign ministry and prime minister’s advisor, stated in an interview with Israeli media outlet Haaretz.

In this regard, Blinken met with Qatar’s Prime Minister, Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani, and requested that he issue a warning to Hamas fighters stationed in Doha, threatening to withhold their Emirate’s security until they agreed to an end to hostilities with Israel.

Ismail Haniyeh, the political head of Hamas, and his advisors in Doha received the message personally. The head of the Gaza terror group, Yahya Sinwar, is currently in the Strip, which is the target of US pressure, having previously been on Qatar.

Sinwar has frequently clashed with Iran’s Middle East strategy and does not always follow the strategies Haniyeh detailed in Qatar. This time, he stuck to his own position, rejecting any potential accord even as Doha confirms that a ceasefire with Israel is imminent.

Blinken, who is intimately acquainted with Sinwar’s viewpoint, emphasised the need for diplomatic pressure while on a trip to Arizona, saying, “The truth is that Hamas is currently the only entity standing between the people of Gaza and a ceasefire.” The Secretary of State stated at the McCain Institute that “acceptance of a ceasefire must be a no-brainer.”

To find a resolution to the Gaza war, ambassadors from Egypt, the US, Qatar, and Hamas will meet concurrently at the table and have discussions all day in Cairo. There are a lot of moving parts and an open ending.

The truce between Israel and Hamas is only one component of a convoluted and unprecedented conference, and the battle in the Gaza Strip has had a ripple effect on the whole world.

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