Trump promises to combat American anti-White attitudes

It can give coalitions aiming to undermine anti-apartheid movements more confidence. Trump’s vow to tackle “anti-white feeling” in America is expected to comfort friends who want to undermine institutional and governmental initiatives meant to combat racism and advance diversity in American society. The former president, who is currently seeking the Republican nomination in 2024, has … Read more

The Israeli authorities declared Al Jazeera’s departure from the nation

The vote, said to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, was “singular.” This past Sunday, the Israeli government declared that it had closed Al Jazeera’s local operations in Qatar. The declaration came at a time when peace negotiations with Hamas, mediated by Qatar, were heating up and further widened the long-running conflict between the station and Israel. … Read more

In order to stop the crisis and rescue the prisoners, the White House is pushing for an agreement between Israel and Hamas on a ceasefire

Secret talks between officials of the terror organisation, Egypt, Qatar, and the United States are taking place in Cairo; the main barrier to any potential accord is how the fight ends. Negotiators from the US, Qatar, and Hamas met in Cairo yesterday to work towards a deal that would advance a crucial understanding for the … Read more