Trump promises to combat American anti-White attitudes

It can give coalitions aiming to undermine anti-apartheid movements more confidence. Trump’s vow to tackle “anti-white feeling” in America is expected to comfort friends who want to undermine institutional and governmental initiatives meant to combat racism and advance diversity in American society. The former president, who is currently seeking the Republican nomination in 2024, has … Read more

The Israeli authorities declared Al Jazeera’s departure from the nation

The vote, said to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, was “singular.” This past Sunday, the Israeli government declared that it had closed Al Jazeera’s local operations in Qatar. The declaration came at a time when peace negotiations with Hamas, mediated by Qatar, were heating up and further widened the long-running conflict between the station and Israel. … Read more

In order to stop the crisis and rescue the prisoners, the White House is pushing for an agreement between Israel and Hamas on a ceasefire

Secret talks between officials of the terror organisation, Egypt, Qatar, and the United States are taking place in Cairo; the main barrier to any potential accord is how the fight ends. Negotiators from the US, Qatar, and Hamas met in Cairo yesterday to work towards a deal that would advance a crucial understanding for the … Read more

Mexican officials report that bodies were discovered in Baja California while looking for missing tourists.

Three remains have been discovered in the same isolated region of Baja California, according to Mexican officials, where two Australian brothers and their American companion vanished during a surfing excursion last week. The prosecutor’s office released a statement stating that the remains were discovered south of Enfield. Authorities discovered remains while looking for the missing … Read more

A professor at Columbia desired to write history. He was detained by the NYPD outside his house

Gregory Pflugfelder had just finished his last Columbia class of his professional life. He was awarded several honours throughout his 28 years at the institution as a history professor who led a well-liked course on Japanese monsters, with a particular emphasis on Godzilla and “the role of monsters in the cultural imagination.” Unbeknownst to him, … Read more

Manchester City defeated Wolves 5-1 behind four goals from Haaland to maintain control of the Premier League championship chase

England’s Manchester (AP) — Manchester City destroyed Wolverhampton 5-1 on Saturday to maintain their lead in the Premier League championship contest thanks to four goals from Erling Haaland, including one in the first half. With another outstanding showing by Haaland, Pep Guardiola’s team responded forcefully to Arsenal’s 3-0 victory against Bournemouth earlier in the day. … Read more

A Canadian Muslim rights activist was killed, and three people have been detained and charged with her murder.

A fierce diplomatic spat between the two nations has been triggered by the arrest and charging of three Indian citizens in connection with the death of a Canadian Sikh community leader. Gunmen wearing masks shot 45-year-old Hardeep Singh Nijjar in a crowded parking lot in the Vancouver area last June. Following Justin Trudeau’s accusation that … Read more

Colleges prepare for unrest during Gaza war protestors’ graduation ceremonies

Campus protests may soon enter a new phase as universities throughout the country prepare for potential disturbances during commencement exercises. This weekend marks graduations at four institutions rocked by pro-Palestinian protests. Events are being held by several others, such as Columbia University, throughout the month of May and into June. While demonstrators think about fleeing … Read more